The Philadelphia Inquirer gives HEAD TRAUMA 3 out of 4 stars!

Scares, simple and spot-on

By Steven Rea – Philadelphia Inquirer Movie Critic

Any number of big-deal filmmakers – M. Night Shyamalan, for one – would be well-served by a viewing of the low-budget Head Trauma. Shot on digital video by Philadelphia-area writer-director Lance Weiler, this simple and effective psycho-thriller creates a mood of dread and dissociation, and sustains it, without resorting to elaborate special effects, or a colorful crowd of actors, or otherworldly mystical hooey.

Weiler, along with Stefan Avalos, delivered the creepy-crawly 1998 faux-doc The Last Broadcast, a DIY cult hit that predated, and presaged, the indie horror phenom The Blair Witch Project. Head Trauma, which begins with a car crash and flashes forward, and back, and inside its protagonist’s battered skull, aims for a different kind of realism: that is, the point of view of someone who has lost his hold on the real world.

George Walker (Vince Mola) is a bearded, scruffy jobless guy who returns to his hometown after many years to fix up his deceased grandmother’s abandoned, dilapidated house. At least that’s the plan, but George, crawling into his makeshift tent in the middle of a ratty room, falls asleep and descends into a nightmare realm. Or maybe he’s not asleep at all, and those aren’t nightmares, but some kind of fractured memory?

Whatever they are, menacing scenes of a lifeless body being dragged through the woods, of a hunched-over, hooded figure haunting a run-down motel, of a cardboard box and an eerie little pamphlet, keep recurring in George’s head – and in Weiler’s movie.

Mola, with his glasses, beard and bug-eyed, intelligent air, projects a Paul Giamatti-ish Everyloser vibe, and Jamil Mangan and Mary Monahan, as a comic-drawing neighbor and an old flame, respectively, bring easy authenticity to their roles.

Head Trauma is a razor-sharp, bare-bones genre film, and doesn’t pretend to be anything more.

Head Trauma *** (out of four stars)

Written by Lance Weiler and Brian Majeska, directed by Weiler. With Vince Mola, Jamil Mangan and Mary Monahan.

Running time: 1 hour, 24 mins.

Parent’s guide: No MPAA rating (violence, scares, adult themes)

Playing at: The Roxy Theater


Here is a current list of upcoming theatrical screenings of HEAD TRAUMA.

ENDLESS MOUNTAINS THEATRE, Scranton, PA — run ends 9.21
GRAND ILLUSION CINEMA, Seattle, WA — 9.22 & 9.23 at 11pm
COUNTY THEATER Doylestown, PA — 9.19 @ 7pm — filmmaker in attendence
BRYN MAWR THEATER Bryn Mawr, PA — 9.20 @ 7pm — co-screenwriter in attendence
ANGELKIA THEATER NY, NY — 9.20 @ 7pm — filmmaker and select cast members in attendence
AMBLER THEATER Ambler, PA — 9.21 @ 7pm — filmmaker in attendence
ROXY THEATER Philadelphia,PA — Opens September 22nd — 2023 Sansom St., Philadelphia (215) 923-6699

Special screening 10.7 – HT soundtrack release party @ Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia
Special screening TBD – Montreal
Special screening TBD – Minneapolis


Opens August 18th – Portland
Opens August 25th – Tucson
Opens August 25th – Albuquerque
Opens September 8th – Scranton
Opens September 8th – East Stroudsburg
Opens September 8th – Brattleboro
Opens September 14th – White River Junction
Opens September 15th – San Francisco
Opens September 15th – Seattle
Opens September 15th – Doylestown
Opens September 15th – Ambler
Opens September 15th – Bryn Mawr
Special screening 9/20 – NYC
Opens September 22nd – Roxy Theater 2023 Sansom St., Philadelphia (215) 923-6699
Special screening 10/7 – HT soundtrack release party @ Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia
Special screening TBD – Montreal
Special screening TBD – Minneapolis


“Works its way under the skin, raising neck hairs while teasing us to pry open its psychological puzzle box.”

“Horror outing that revives the under appreciated monster of the id to great effect.”

“Elicits effective creeps… A well executed haunted house exercise that treads the psychological vs. supernatural line.”

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HEAD TRAUMA is finished

After mixing at Skywalker Ranch, the movie is prepped and ready to hit the festival circuit.

HEAD TRAUMA tells the story of George Walker, a drifter, who after a 20 year absence, has returned home to settle his grandmother?s estate. As if awakening from a long dream, he finds his childhood home condemned and littered with the remnants of squatters. In the midst of trying to save his past, George falls and strikes his head, triggering an onslaught of vivid nightmares and waking visions. As the horror intrudes on George?s reality, his conviction grows that someone or something is trying to kill him.